EventHub Co-founders


Experience-driven Vision and Empathy

EventHub helps events to increase sponsorship revenue and save money managing sponsors. Our Co-founders Michael and Jamie have spent a collective 20+ years in the events industry. Their experience spans managing nationwide sponsorship activations for global brands across sporting events, festivals, fairs, and expos — to producing entire festivals — and everything in between. They came to two major realizations about event sponsorship: That it should be easier for events and sponsors (vendors included) to match with one another, and it should be easier for events to manage their partnerships once a match has been made. These core beliefs comprise the backbone of our sponsorship platform.

When Covid came along, our team realized the need for sponsorship-integrated virtual event programming, and quickly adapted to the challenge by creating a virtual expo. Our virtual expo has been used by everyone from the world’s largest races and non-profits, to famous musicians, to some phenomenal community-based charity groups for fundraising events. Whatever the future holds for the events industry (and we think we have a good idea), we’ll be there to help events maximize their sponsorship revenue while keeping their bandwidth free for what matters most: creating amazing experiences for their attendees.



Michael Bleau (he/him)

CEO and Co-founder

As Co-founder and CEO, Michael works with hundreds of endurance races, fairs, festivals, and expos nationwide. Prior to this, Michael accumulated over a decade of experience as a brand sponsorship manager and festival organizer. Before becoming ingrained in the live event industry, Michael had stops at Lionsgate Entertainment and cloud analytics powerhouse Applied Predictive Technologies. Off the clock, three things he loves are Philadelphia Eagles football, guacamole and superhero movies!

Jamie Nassar EventHub

Jamie Nassar (she/her)

COO and Co-founder

Jamie has over 15 years’ experience working with many of the largest brands and events in the US. Prior to founding EventHub, Jamie was constantly jet-setting and touring through major markets around the country as a live event sponsorship producer. In her downtime, three things she loves are outdoor adventuring, pizzerias and discovering new music!

Jerry Harrison (he/him)


For Jerry, code wrangling is just a passion that’s turned into a job. With over 15 years of remote-based development, he’s worked with everyone from US State DOTs, Mom-and-Pops, to early-stage startups. He’s devoted to building solutions that solve real problems affecting real people. His background in hospitality management helps him to engage with customers and employees on many levels. He’s a husband and father of two!

Stephanie Rosa EventHub

Stephanie Rosa (she/her)

Director of Business Development

Stephanie’s love for problem solving is what lead her into sales. She comes from a diverse sales and business development background which includes experience in medical devices, a music and culture publication, digital marketing and ticketing. Stephanie has worked closely with event organizers, PR agencies and vendors. In her spare time, Stephanie loves snowboarding the Colorado rockies, attending music festivals, and traveling internationally.

Ainslee Thompson Headshot

Ainslee Thompson (she/her)

Sales Executive

Ainslee is a sales exec who turned her love of talking with people into a career. Starting in an online fashion company she made a pivot to sales then finally landed in the world of live events and she’s not leaving. Three things she loves are her pup Hendrix, live music, and a good craft beer.

Moriah Tolliver (she/her)

Software Engineer

Moriah received her B.S. in Computer Science from Loyola Marymount University, where she discovered her love of all things web development. From database design to interface mockups, she works to build tools that help people work smarter and get home to what matters. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, reading, and finding Oakland’s best coffee shop.

Shannon Lubetich EventHub

Shannon Lubetich (she/her)

Customer Success

Shannon has a passion for live events and fostering human connection. She’s here to make your event as smooth as possible, whether you’re an Event Organizer, Exhibitor, or Attendee! She got her start in live events booking musicians for Sofar Sounds in Seattle, but holds a dual degree in Computer Science and Linguistics from Pomona College. With past experience in the tech industry, she tracks down bugs and helps make sure our platform works on all your devices. Shannon’s favorite activities include finding the best vegan food, solving puzzles, and listening to music — she even manages a local band, Racoma!